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Slot Tournaments

Tournaments are fun to play. Competing against other players adds to the excitement for those with a competitive nature. For some players winning the title is almost as important as winning the prize money. Some players prefer tournaments because they know ahead of time what their potential losses will be. Since tournaments have a set entry fee the participants know how much it will cost them to play. They can only lose the amount of their entry fee.

Slot tournaments are very popular these days because they easy to play. Slot tournaments do not require a lot of special skills, which levels the playing field and makes them inviting to all players. Like all slot machines you will need a little luck to make it to the top. Here is how they work.

Slot tournaments have a simple format. When you sign up for the tournament you will be assigned a slot machine number and a session time to play. When it is your time, you find the machine with your number and have a seat. Wait for the official to tell you to start. All Players are given a set amount of credits which must be played within a certain amount of time.

A common format is to give each player 1,000 credits with 20 minutes to play them. Each time you hit the spin button the amount of credits for a maximum bet (usually three credits) are deducted from your starting credits. Any credits you win are shown on a separate meter. You do not get to replay any credits that you win. When your time is up the machine will lock up and play is over. Any credits that you have not played will be lost. The score on your winning meter will be compared to those of the other players to determine the winner.

After you finish playing you wait at your machine until the official comes by and records your score. They will usually have you initial the results to verify that your score was recorded correctly. After your score is recorded you will leave the machine. Most casinos only have a limited number of machines set aside for the tournament. Therefore there will usually be several sessions to accommodate all the players. Most of the times they will update the list showing the leaders after each round. This allows you to judge how you are doing compared to the other players.

What do you need for a playing strategy? Here are some tips.

Luck plays the biggest part in winning a slot tournament however speed and concentration are the two most important "skills" you will need.

Since you must play all your credits within a certain time period you must play fast enough to use all of them. Each winning spin will increase your total score. Any unused credits are lost and you will be at a disadvantage because you did not take as many spins as your opponents. To help increase your speed, keep your fingers on the spin button and lightly tap it. You don't need to pound the spin button. By leaving your fingers on it you will save a few split seconds that you would have lost by taking your hand off the button.

You will need to concentrate when you are playing in the tournament. Before you start you want to look at the pay table of the machine. When the machine is adding winning credits to your score it will not spin until all the credits have been tallied. If you a big win it will take a few seconds to do this. You can take a quick breath but you must be prepared to start tapping as soon as this is done. Don't be distracted or spend time celebrating if you have a big hit. I was playing in a tournament and a young lady sitting next to me kept jumping up and hollering each time she had a big win. After the time was up she had only played about half her credits.

Some players get bored or tired while they are playing in a tournament causing them to slow down. This has been downfall of many players who suddenly find that time has run out and they still have unused credits on their machines. Many new players remark that the twenty minutes seemed like an hour when they were playing. Make sure you are alert and well rested before entering a tournament. If you are not at your best your score could suffer.

Curiosity can also effect the outcome of your score. It is human nature to want to know how you are doing compared to the other players. I see many tournament players looking around trying to see the score of the other players. The time to find out is after your session not while you are playing. Just keep your mind on your own score and concentrate on using all your credits.

As you play in more tournaments you will find that your speed increases and you will have time left on your meter after you play your credits. Until you reach this point it is advisable not to bring your soda, coffee or water to the machine with you. You don't want to waste precious time sipping on a drink.

The simple Slot Tournament strategy is to play fast, stay focused and have fun. Besides being fun, many slot tournaments can be a good value.

Not all tournaments are created equal. You will have to give them a close look to determine if a tournament is a good deal for you. There are three basic types of tournaments.

Free and Invitational Tournaments.
Tournaments returning all entry fees.
Tournaments that profit the casino.

Invitational tournaments are usually held as a reward or comp for loyal players or high rollers. These are by invitation only and not open to the general public however some casinos offer free tournaments that are open to the general public. They hold weekly or sometimes daily tournaments as a way to attract players into the casino. If you have never played in a slot tournament before these free tournaments are an excellent way to find out if tournament play interests you. Obviously they are a great value. Whenever you can spend time in a casino playing slots for free with the chance of taking home a prize, it has to be a positive expectation experience. If you don't win you have still had the opportunity to enjoy yourself for a few hour without risking any of your own money. Other tournaments require the participants to pay an entry fee.

The best paid tournaments to enter are the ones that give back all the entry fees in the form of prizes. Many casinos will hold tournaments to generate additional business. They figure that while you are there waiting to play you will probably doing a little playing on the side. Casinos post the tournament rules and will list the prize structure with them. You can take a look at the prize structure of a tournament and determine how much is being returned to the players.

If the entry fee $100 per player and the prizes are based on a total of 200 players you can expect the prizes to total $10,000 if all the money is returned. If all the money is not returned you will want to evaluate what additional benefits you are getting in return for your money.

Some casinos offer a tournament package that will include additional incentives, freebies and discounts. These can include:
Discount or free hotel rooms.
Welcome Party.
Awards Banquet.
Door prizes and raffles.

Lets look at one way of evaluating a tournament. If you enter a tournament for $100 and they are returning 90% in prizes but offering you a free room and awards dinner you may be getting a good return on you investment. Say the hotel room is $50 a night and the dinner may be a $25 value. You are getting $75 worth of benefits lowering the cost of your tournament to $25.

I have seen other tournaments where the price of the benefits and freebies actually exceeded the price of the tournament. These are a good value for the player.

The third type of tournament is one that the casino runs just to make a profit. They take a big portion of the entry fee but offer little or no incentives in return for the player. These types of tournaments should be avoided. Since there is a great deal of luck involved in winning slot tournaments you want to make sure you are getting enough entertainment for your money. Shop around and find one that you will enjoy.

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